Friday, July 24, 2009

New Life: Post Uni

After squandering all of my time and money travelling to Bali and Tokyo, it was time for me to return back to reality, to let me feet touch the ground after floating around for 2 months of fun.

I know, life sucks. However, I beg to differ. I think life is great but work sucks.

Well, allow me to indulge in my travel story-telling for a brief moment. Bali was great when we start to hit the water (and the famous beaches as well, of course!). But then, Bali isn't a place I'll go ga-ga on as I felt our Malaysian islands are so much better and beautiful as compared to Bali (and I honestly think our food rocks!)

But Tokyo....Tokyo is another story altogether. IT WAS A BLAST! I didn't want to come home at all! After going through Japanese alone (in Japanese, I would say, "Jibun de benkyou shimasu), I think I did quite a good job in Tokyo. Surprisingly, I could understand 60-80% of everyone's conversation and I could converse with them as well (even though it was broken Japanese and was rojak-ed with English). I was so proud I could asked for directions, take pictures for people and yet, they all thought I was one of them!! Haha~ it was fun.

Tomodachi wa sugoi!! Saiko desu! They are the best and I love (and missed) them to bits. Yuma and her family were wonderful hosts, my old friends were the best tour guides ever (except Takao, who got us lost several times), my new friends (ToDai boys and Chuo gang)...totemo yasashii to omoshiroii to tanoshii desu! Satsuki and At-chan were the ones who brightened up tiring days, ToDai boys were so chivalrous that I would have married any one of them if they weren't that young, my fellow oldies (Yuma, Takao, Rocky, Daisuke, ChuChu etc etc), it was nice to see you guys again.

But now....*sigh* now.... oshigoto wo sugoi taihen desu yo! Chambering life is one that is equivalent of a dog's. Nothing wonderful. Verbal abuses almost every day, work by the tons, everything has to be fast... In my opinion, it's the stress and the pressure that makes us age faster and kills us faster at the same time. But I love the times when us FUUs gather in some makan place to chill and gossip about our lives as chambies and the abuses we have to go through in the process. It was hilarious, eye-opening and consolating at the same time. Group therapy indeed.

Oh well, I miss my uni life a lot. Hanging out with friends, noon naps, ALSA, travelling for free... I miss... freedom.

Back to work now~

Friday, May 8, 2009


After my last day of exams on 5/5/09, i'm officially done as an law undergraduate. Somehow, when all of us were camping outside the exam hall memorising all our notes, it struck us that this is going to be the last time we'll ever mug our notes and books like mad.

Somehow, it felt like we just into law school and this is our very 1st exam we're sitting for.

Somehow, the feeling was a mix of happiness and sadness.

It's kind sad for me to leave my university life and getting ready for the working world. There's not so much worry in uni, lots of fun with friends and activities and not forgetting my daily noon naps right after classes. We won't be able to do this anymore.

All of us are preparing for our trips to all parts of the world before heading to work. I'm having a major headache thinking of my options whether to get a JR 7-days pass or not. Should I head down to Kyoto and Osaka? Or just stay put in Tokyo. I have no idea...

I have a lot of packing to do as well, clearing all my stuff and junk in my Kajang apartment. Yabai~ I really hate this part!! there's just to much junk accumulated over the 4 years...Help me!

Somehow, I felt that there's no more purpose or target in life. I used to look forward for the next semester in uni but there's none to look forward to. All of us are not looking forward to chambering. Every day, I just wake up and sit in front of my laptop, chasing after all my left behind dramas. I'm also planning to finish reading all my books (30 odd books?) i bought at the flea book fair but never got the chance to finish any. This is the time indeed.

I wanna keep all my books in my aunty's house but then i've been threatened not to keep so much junk there. Well, what to do...will have to hang on until I move out (again!!) to my own place later.

so, now i'm on my quest to shape up to fit into my swimsuit for Bali and also to get myself super healthy for Japan (not taking any chances with the swine flu around!)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Count Down

Counting down the days to my graduation (unoffical):

12 Days More....

Fai fai....




Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travel Bug

Within the span of 6 months, I've been travelling a lot, within and out of the country.

There was no escaping the Chinese New Year exodus back home. However, I had to come back to KL again on the 3rd day of CNY to prepare for my ALSA trip to Beijing. So a week after CNY, I flew off to Beijing and spent a wonderful week in the lively city. It's cool to be able to celebrate Chap Goh Mei in China where fireworks (I mean pyrotechs, literally) were being lighted everywhere every single minute. I also found out that fireworks are banned in China except during CNY. So people were taking advantage of the festival to light up the skies~ Plus, it's really cheap. You can get a box of pyrotechs for only RM50!!

After coming back from Beijing, I had to travel to UUM the week after for the National Client Counseling Competition. The bus trip took about 12 hours. Yea, imagine being stuck in a bus for 12 hours and the driver just have to stop so many times in our journey that makes the whole thing seemed forever. Well, accomodation wasn't exactly 5-star. It was my worst nightmare...staying in kolej again!!! Arghhh!! There was a dead cockroach in my room!! Thank God the toilets were ok.... We won the competition and thus, a month to Las Vegas...

The preparation to Las Vegas wasn't anything like a walk in the park. It was hell for sure. To be able to secure funds from the university was more like begging on the roadside of Petaling Street. Somehow, I always wonder why students like us who will be representing the university and been receiving oral blessings and public declarations of glory and pride were not supported financially by the university. Was it all just for show? We had to beg all the way to the Vice Chancellor... ok. Approved. However, there was a tug-of-war between the Faculty and also PPP on who's gonna carry the burden of paying for our flight, accomodation as well as the cost of living. In the end, PPP won the battle by successfully shoving everything down the faculty's throat and depriving us of our food money. How are we gonna survive in Vegas... eat sand everyday?

Despite the roller coaster rides in Malaysia, we managed to fly to Las Vegas on a gruelling 17 hour trip, minus the transits. Took us 4 hours to Taiwan and transited in Taipei for almost 2 hours. Then, another 13 hours to Los Angeles and the transit in LAX to Vegas was almost 6 hours!!! We were so pooped we just slept at the airport while waiting for our connecting flight to LV. Viva Las Vegas.

Spending 10 days in LV was no fun at all. It's TEDIOUS!! Everything was just casino, lights, nice buildings, clubs and sand. The whole strip was built on a piece of desert. That's all. The air was so dry my face literally felt like paper by the 3rd day that even the skin around my eyelids were peeling. No fun...not to mention the moisturiser I brought from home wasn't suitable at all. In the end, I had to us my Bodyshop Body Butter to put on my face. The only thing I really enjoyed was soaking myself in the bathtub, shopping and looking at the scenic nightview of Vegas.

After going around these places, I am so dead tired. The flu I've been anticipating to catch after returning from Bejing finally caught on. However, I am still looking forward for my Bali trip as well as my solo trip to Japan to visit my friends as well as visiting the country that I've always wanted to experience since it's totally different from everyone else, not to forget the challenge of speaking lousy Japanese and not being able to read anything in Japanese at all. It's gonna be a huge challenge.

Shikashi, houtouni ikitai desu yo. Ganbarimasu dakara motto benkyou! Akiramerunai~ I will survive even with my lousy Japanese!

p.s. Hey... I didn't even go for any classes leh... Everything Sdn Bhd~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

B***h Fest

I'm so glad my mock trial's done. It's been weeks of nightmare for all of us and i'm proud to say we're the first group to say "Good Riddance!"

However, this whole mock trial thing brought all the worst of my coursemates. People whom you've always thought to be nice and helpful turn out to be bloody hypocrites and they turn on you to suck your blood dry.

Tips to handle such b*****s:

1. Forget bout making agreements with them. They'll turn around and take a huge bit off yer hand. No point making promises/agreements with people who don't even know how to honour their words. In Canto, this is called "Bei pei, mo chi, ha lau, jin kak!"

2. Expect the unexpected. In order words, just expect tons of s**t being thrown on yer face. Under-handed, dirty tactics etc etc... You name it, they have it.

3. Expect them to go bragging all over the faculty declaring their glory and victory when the truth is, they suck big time in court. Wrong procedures, no ethics, language suck, unprofessional and a public display of outrageous bitchiness... Kalau nak gedik tu, main jauh-jauh... I have no idea why would they wanna brag about their shit character and their even shittier work.

Well, what can I say? I'm so tired of all this nonsense I have no idea how long can my patience run... Those who knows me well enough would know I have a temper of a volcano. Let sleeping dogs lie... No need to take stones and continuously pelt that fella. Once you've provoke it long enough, good luck. You've awaken a monster.

Last but not least, before you go around bitching about others and declaring to the whole world about your so-called greatness, go look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what do you see.

I bet it's gonna be lots of shit on it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Road Woes

Any motorcyclist reading this blog? If yes, then welcome to my world. I am so frustrated that I feel like forming a "I Hate Potholes" campaign/club just to get my message across to JKR (where is Samy Vellu when you need someone to blame for the lousy road?!). Maybe I could form another rally just like those people who were marching to Istana Negara last Saturday to protest on teaching Math & Science in English (6 years too late, i think... and whatever is wrong with learning them in English?)

Well, I think I have better cause to go marching around the palace and also the whole of KL and lots of other people will be willing (and happy!) to join me. Why?

Have you notice the abominable road conditions in KL recently? Especially when it rains like now. It's horrible. Potholes appear everywhere. It's as if we were hit by cluster bombs. It's not just small holes, it's big enough to kill an innocent motorcyclist who is trying to make it home after a long day out in the crazy city.

Last year, a day after I came back from Australia after spending 2 enjoyable months in Tasmania, I took my beloved red scooter out for a ride when i suddenly started drizzling. Better head home to my aunt's house then but what do you know? On the way home, I went into a pothole covered with rain water and voila~ almost got myself killed.

I admit it. I was scooting at 80kph then but that is the normal speed we go on highways. But, for unwary motorcyclist like me who did not expect the stretches of road all of KL (especially in and near UKM + Kajang) to have so many holes all around! My tyre was busted and thank God there was a nice Indian uncle who fetch me on his bike to a workshop insteading of kidnapping me!

There have been many cases where motorcyclists like me ended up in the grave or in the hospital just because of all these stupid holes. Where are the people in charge of the maintenance? Why are our roads so bad in the first place?

I demand for a right to life safely under Article 5(1) of the Federal Constitution as well as the right enshrined under the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights.

I demand that the Government do something to protect the lives of its people, we motorcyclists who use the roads every single day of our lives!

I demand to all politicians, do your job! We didn't elect you just to sit and relax in a nice big chair and also to attend so many functions just to get your name up in the newspaper every day!

I demand that all city and town councils to check on the roads to ensure it's not covered with holes and making me go around it as if I'm in some kind of motorcross rally!

I demand that we have roads with better quality and worthy of a country who is going towards the developed status (2020... remember? or is everyone too busy scuffling for power and politicking until its people are ignored and shoved aside?)

Do something people!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Half Naked? Definition Please...

I would like to comment on the news pertaining to some UM females who were "half naked", as quoted from our "learned" and "holier-than-thou" MP and proprietors on 4 March 2009.

Why I think that all those who were criticising these girls are pathetic and narrow-minded (as if they're still living in the 13th century, where females have to covered every single inch of their body except the face?):

1. The event's name is UM's 8th College Ladies' Day.

- If the ladies can't even wear what they want without showing any boobs or standing stark naked in the crowd during a Ladies' Day/Nite, I have no idea when we women will be able to do so.

2. Who are we to label people "half-naked"?

- Isn't that equivalent of a slander? What is the exact and precise definition of half-naked by
the way? Every single individual on planet Earth have their very own definition for what is decent and what is not.

Why can't we simply respect the difference in opinions and thoughts? Is this what we call moving forward in life, or just staying at where we are and picking on the tiny little things people do? Isn't that as bad as being a paparazzi? Seriously, if a bare-backed dress is considered half-naked, I guess that's the end of Malaysia's entertainment, fashion and modelling industry.

Maybe they prefer every single female to dress in a jubah every single day of their lives in Malaysia, preferably covering their faces to prevent them from being "tempting" to men. *roll eyes*

3. Blame the Chinese students from China.

- Well, when they can't find any scapegoats, there you have it, Chinese students from China. Somehow, Malaysian society has been stereotyping as "sluts", "wife-stealers" and what-have-you-not. Yes, they are students from Beijing. So what?

They simply have different cultures and mentality. If you don't provide a proper instruction to them in advance, why blame them when they dress in tube-dresses? Just like a Chinese student representative said, it is very normal for non-Muslim girls to dress in evening gowns like that during events and not during classes! Somehow, I don't see this guy getting an erection...

Usually, those who makes the most noise are the guilty ones...

4. Look who's talking

- Another excellent Malay proverb: The heart of a germ they can see from across the river, but the heart of an elephant right in front of their eyes they missed.

This is a classic case of a witch hunt for innocent victims. Instead of pointing fingers on people who wear clothes with lower necklines than you, try focusing on bigger issues such as poverty, literacy and improving your English!

In my opinion, these people should just stay put in this country and not go anywhere because once they step into even our neighbouring countries such as Thailand, they're bound to suffer from heart attack, high-blood pressure and shock. Why? Because everyone dresses like that during events and non-events! Can you stop them?

How about trying to study in Western countries? They throw parties bigger and wilder than ours! Do you choose not to join them and stay in your room every single day? Do you choose to stick to your gang and not see what the world has to offer?

5. What is morally wrong to one is not to another.

- Who is morally wrong? What is morally wrong? It is a very subjective question with no one being able to correctly answer it.

Who are we to condemn one person to hell and thinking we've done and excellent job on behalf of God?

Remember cases where tudung-clad girls were still caught with their pants down, having sex in public areas? What about that? Half-naked? I'm sure it was...

Jesus was upset with the Pharisees precisely because of these traits, picking on the tiny-weeny things and making people observe rules so strictly there's no room for spiritual growth at all.

They have missed the whole point of these rules. If we love God, we will act in obedience to God and His law. No one have to whip anyone like a donkey to make them obey rules.

Remember again: It is with law we are aware of sin and we are tempted to sin. Just like how Philip Yancey put it, "Tell a child not to eat cookies from the cookie jar because dinner will be ready in an hour. The thought of eating cookies wasn't there then but now, it has been awaken and the child is tempted to eat it because he is hungry and tempted, even though he knows it's wrong."

Still half-naked? I suggest that you pack your bags and head straight to the mountains and live there on your own.